“Give me a seed…and let TLC help your business bloom!”

A word, a phrase, an idea. Sometimes that’s all a business owner has to utter and TLC founder Trish Leonard will spring into action, developing a marketing plan that reflects the client’s unique niche, individuality and business goals.

In today’s world of lightning-fast communication and clamor for consumer attention, marketing demands a multi-pronged, mulit-platform approach. TLC will help you ensure your work generates everything from headlines to “fan” followings. And don’t forget about old-fashioned “face time”; TLC will get you out in the community by facilitating everything from business-to-business introductions to civic involvement.

TLC’s marketing services include:

Marketing Strategies to increase your market share
Corporate Identities to make you stand out

Let TLC increase your visibility through:

Business-to-business and networking introductions
Business Referrals
Community Outreach Programs
PR Partnerships with Not for Profit Organizations

Just getting your name out there isn’t enough. Let TLC teach you how to build your community “trust bank” and become an integral part of your community’s fabric. Learn to network, become involved in community events, learn to take leadership roles, offer your time and expertise to nonprofit organizations.