What We Do:

Communication is the key to a successful client relationship. At TLC Marketing & Creative Services, we take time to listen to your business needs, explore your goals and objectives, and serve your company at the highest level.

Marketing Services & Public Relations Expertise:

A word, a phrase, an idea. That’s all a business owner has to utter and TLC founder Trish Leonard and her team will spring into action, developing a marketing plan that reflects the client’s unique niche, individuality, and business goals. In today’s world of social media, lightning-fast communication, and clamor for consumer attention, marketing requires a multi-pronged, multi-platform approach.

TLC will ensure your business generates everything from headlines to fan followings to “Likes”. And don’t forget about old-fashioned face time; just getting your name out there isn’t enough. TLC will take the next step by getting you out in the community, facilitating everything from business-to-business introductions to civic involvement.

 TLC will teach you how to build your community “trust bank” and become an integral seam in the community’s fabric. TLC guides clients in the practices of networking, community involvement and civic engagement, taking leadership roles, and gaining expertise in nonprofit organizations.

TLC’s marketing services include:
Marketing Strategies to increase your market share
Corporate Identities to make you stand out
Business-to-business and networking introductions
Business Referrals
Community Outreach Programs
PR Partnerships and Opportunities
Marketing & Public Relations Packages:

TLC creates strategic Marketing and Public Relations packages which ensure our clients gain traction and a presence in the community while also understanding that companies operate on a budget. Each of our packages are carefully curated and designed, and can be tailored to meet our clients’ needs.

The Startup package is designed for the company on a budget, but which still seeks the opportunity to network, open its doors to the public, and become involved with the community. The Startup package allows businesses to be heard in the community.

The Expert package is designed for the company which is ready to hit the ground running, and which seeks the opportunity to keep a market presence long-term. The Expert package gives new companies the opportunity to take their company to the next level.

The Professional package is designed for the company which is ready for the long haul, seeking a long-term presence in the business and local community, and perhaps even expansion. The Professional package is here to help businesses not only benefit from the knowledge at TLC, but also take their company to the next level they have been searching for in their market.