What We Do:

Communication and understanding open the doors to a creative and successful social or business event. TLC takes time to listen to your needs; exploring your goals, ideas, and objectives to serve you at the highest level. At TLC we will work to identify your budget, striving to stay within the amount we are given.

Event Planning Services:

At TLC, event planning starts with extensive fact to face conversations to understand clients’ dreams. Expert planners help manage budgets, formulate contingency plans, and create exceptional designs.

Our event-planning experts promise that each affair will reflect the unique personality of the client. Creating the transformation of a standard party theme into something one-of-a-kind.

For the TLC team, event planning is  second nature. We turn obligatory grand openings into pristine celebrations, secure nonprofit charity events into top social billings, and standard business affairs into the talk of the town.

We want for our clients what we want for ourselves, to “Be blown away by every little detail.”

Trust TLC to manage your:
Grand Opening
Corporate Retreat
Charity Event
Workshop or Seminar
Trade Show
Private Party or Events