The 5 PR W’s

What is public relations?: Public relations can be defined in many ways. Here at, TLC Marketing & Creative Services, we define public relations by always putting our clients brand first. The TLC team strives to exceed clients expectations by providing informative written press releases, developing a strategic PR plan to help their business, and helping companies build a relationship with the public.

Why do companies need public relations? Public relations is one of the most effective ways to build a brand for a business leading to an increase in sales.

How can public relations help a company? Companies need outside PR professionals simply because they need help reaching their target audience. PR professionals can help a business define what their  target is in their field. PR professionals can also aid in developing a plan to reach the this desired target audience.

When should you add public relations to your company? When a business is seeking to get the word out about their name, product, and the services they offer, is a great time to add public relations to the business mix.

For example, if a company creates a new product or service and wanted to build excitement of interest, the most effective way to get the information out would be a press release and sent out to the media. Hiring a PR team can help in building the buzz about the new product or service a company is releasing.

Who offers public relations services? The TLC team of course! We can submit exciting press releases, we can help a business improve its branding and we also can assist in the managing a company’s social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or Blogger.