“Branding is strategic. Marketing is tactical.”

What is branding?

The bedrock foundation of a business upon which every action is based is their brand. Branding the basic level of communication with a business’s loyal customers and potential customers. Building a  brand in the marketing industry, creating a business’s brand is developing a business name, logo, marketing materials and a marketing strategy.

Why do I need branding?

Branding will help builds a business’s reputation in the public eye. A marketing team will make sure the marketing materials, logo, company colors, website, etc. are consistent with each other. A consistent brand is important in ensuring customers differentiate one business from another business in the same industry because the website and logo are consistent all through the company’s communications.

How can we help?

Here at TLC Marketing & Creative Services, we offer many different services such as public relations, marketing event planning, social media management, and branding. If you or someone you know is seeking branding, we are the perfect marketing team for you! We have worked with many different clients in developing a brand or a re-brand and maintaining consistency . We can help assist in consistent marketing materials, website, social media, and logos. Please read below to get a little more information about branding. For more information give us a call at the TLC office 239-405-8115.