TLC Marketing & Creative Services is a full-service boutique marketing, public relations, and event planning firm. We are dedicated to helping businesses grow and enhance their presence in the community through smartly-placed messages, audience-growing events, and well-honed networking strategies. TLC believes that the relationship between businesses and communities is synergistic. Each interacts and cooperates with the other to create a relationship which builds strength and longevity. TLC works to define your role in the community and ensures you have the visibility to flourish. From the moment your business is launched, TLC is here to help you attract attention, plan events for your business, and generate a presence in the community. TLC prides itself on proudly taking care of clients full circle.

Marketing Services

A word, a phrase, an idea. Sometimes that’s all a business owner has to utter and TLC founder Trish Leonard will spring into action, developing a marketing plan that reflects the client’s unique niche, individuality and business goals.

Event Planning

It’s the toothpick that doubles as a decorative touch. The centerpiece that creates an illusion. The transformation of a standard party theme into something one-of-a-kind. For Leonard, event planning is almost second nature.

Public Relations

Let TLC teach you how to build your community “trust bank” and become an integral part of your community’s fabric. Learn to network, become involved in community events, learn to take leadership roles, offer your time and expertise to nonprofit organizations.

Why Should I Choose TLC Marketing & Creative Services?

Proven & Successful track record
Professionals with ethical drive
Scalable budgets tailored to each client
Extensive and diverse work portfolios
Trusted network of affiliates and vendors
Deadlines met with ease