Web Design Onboarding

To ensure we are able to properly quote and begin your web design, we have a thorough questionnaire that must be completed prior to the project beginning. We estimate this form to take 10 – 15 minutes for completion.

Do you have web hosting? *
Are you interested in redesigning your logo with TLC as well? *
Is your site managed by a CMS? If so, please choose the type of CMS below:
How many pages will your website be? *
At minimum, what pages would you like to have as part of your site? Check all that apply: *
Do you currently have content that you want to use? *
Who will be updating this website on an ongoing basis? Check all that apply: *
How often do you think you will be updating the website? *
Ready at site launch, what features would you like included into your website? Check all that apply:
Which social media pages do you want linked on your website? Check all that apply:

Please note: our timeframe for websites vary on the size and detail. Typical completion depends on feedback as well. We aim for first draft delivered within 30 days and site completion within 60 days.

Are you looking to add items post-launch? Blogs, SEO efforts, ongoing site updates/maintenance, etc? Please think 3-12 months in advance on the features you'd like and the budget you can allot for these projects.