Blogging is a universal necessity towards keeping your business growing and relevant. No matter the market or demographic, there is a reason (usually multiple) to having consistent blog posts listed on your website. Be that as it may, there are plenty of companies that have opted out of using such a vital tool. Some believe it is not worth the investment in time or money; coincidentally enough, this blog post is to try and convince you otherwise. Here are 3 reasons your business should consider blogging as a heavy hitter for more leads and success.

Enjoy the Long-Term Benefits 

The time it takes for most people to create a single blog post is less than a fraction of a normal shift on the clock for work. Something that has taken you or an employee an hour to put on your website can be expected to yield benefits for months to years later. It is difficult to find something that produces more ROI than blogging. While it can sometimes sting to create content that does not immediately create or reveal results, you can trust the process. Every blog post, so long as it is written with enough content and using the right words, is akin to planting seeds in a garden. Give it enough time and you will see the fruits of your labor.

Now imagine that single post multiplied by 12 to 24 times. All it takes is posting once or twice a month and your website is suddenly the host of content and topics varying a number of subjects. It may shock you to find how often search engines are used on a by-the-minute basis, and a simple review of a topic exactly like this reveals posts that were created in 2018 and older. What’s nice about blogging is that the metrics tied to it are easy to follow. You can quickly find out how much traffic you have gotten for a specific post, whether you’re curious on how it did on day one or weeks later when things have seemingly slowed. What happens is that you are creating a trickle-down system of allowing your website to work for you at any hour of any day. 

By having an active blog, you’re able to tackle highly coveted local keywords that can help yield site visitors to your website. The more efforts in your keywords, the better your site will be ranking for them. Blogs are a great, easy way to expand your search engine footprint.

Use Your Space to Explain & Explore Your Business

Every business wants to stand out above the rest. It is human nature and a necessity to compete so that your company remains relevant and doesn’t fall at the wayside. Some markets and products are easier to sell and explain than others, but even the most obvious could spare some additional attention. Consider it as additional flavor that makes your dish (product) worth the Michelin Stars your restaurant (business) wants or has.  

How do you do this the most effectively? By blogging. Blog posts can cater to broad and niche subjects, and you can even make several on a singular topic if you so desire. You can use this content to help viewers and customers better understand your brand, to trust you are a subject matter expert and someone they can put confidence in. With web presence being such a dominant factor in success these days, you want to show some personality where you can as well, and blogging allows you to tell your story better than any single social media post or website page can if you give it time. 

Blogging and Social Media Go Hand in Hand

Speaking of — more likely than not, your business is already operating on a social media platform of some kind. If not, that’s a future blog subject for us to discuss! We won’t go into the details and benefits of maintaining a presence there as well, but instead focus on how blogging will undeniably help in that regard. Blog posts make for excellent material to share on any and all of your platforms. Doing so will in turn allow followers to share, comment and engage, all valuable metrics to keep consistent and growing. Proper usage of hashtags relevant to your subject means optimal reach to groups of people currently unfamiliar with your business as well.

Going back to the trickle-down system from before, it brings visitors to your website every time they click the link you have shared, ensuring traffic is being boosted simultaneously. Win-win!

What Should You Do With This Knowledge?

If you have the time or manpower, get to typing and produce content that is straight from you or your trusted employees’ mind. We won’t be mad at you for it! Trust us when we say that you will see a return of investment far better than you might anticipate. That being said, we would never undervalue your other responsibilities. It takes a certain type of person to feel comfortable behind a keyboard regularly producing content that doesn’t seem generic or nothing more than an advertisement. Our team at TLC takes pride in carefully researching, curating and creating content that feels as if it deserves to be hosted on your website. 

Make sure to contact us here so that we can discuss our blogging packages. TLC Marketing & Creative Services is here to be your guidance towards incredible success.