Developing a Social Media Strategy for your Small Business

Social media can be an extremely effective tool to help you increase your visibility, develop brand recognition, and stimulate business if it is used properly. Some may view platforms such as Facebook as an app where people post random pictures or argue about politics, but there is a business aspect that involves a strategic plan and creative thinking. To develop this strategy, you need to think about three key areas.

1. Value: Before you post, ask yourself, what value am I providing to the viewer on the other end? Place yourself in their shoes and think if you were the viewer, would you find this post to be worthy of a share and a follow? The whole point of posting on social media is to stimulate engagement from potential customers. You want them to like, comment, and share with a friend, which ultimately could lead to a sale. Value can be something as simple as making someone smile or laugh so keep in mind that you are posting for the viewer, not you. An example of providing value could be a restaurant posting quality pictures of their food and enticing someone’s hunger, you can also throw out a special offer to really get them motivated to place that to-go order. Another example could be if you own a medical practice, you can post tips about flu season, allergies, or any other tips that could be helpful for the viewer.

2. Creativity: The most popular pages on social media all have something in common, they are creative and constantly thinking of new boundaries to push to get the attention of viewers. They don’t just follow trends, they create them. This is your opportunity to have fun and show your business in a different light. Take a page on TikTok for example called @lawbymike, he is a lawyer that posts all about what to do in certain legal situations, new laws, and just interesting legal information, and people are loving it because he currently has nearly 5 million followers. Something that traditionally may not be fun and exciting was made into shareable and valuable content because he is having fun with it and being creative.

3. Consistency: It is extremely important to remain consistent. Because of platform algorithms and the importance of page engagement, it is imperative that you come up with a posting schedule and post consistently. Consistent posting will encourage people to follow your page, keep them engaged, and encourage top of mind awareness. There is such thing as posting too much, i.e. spamming, so you have to find the right balance

Social media is a tool that all businesses should be using, and TLC would love the opportunity to help you develop a strategy that works for your business. Are you interested in learning more about social media, or other opportunities to help your business get seen? Give TLC Marketing and Creative Services a call at 239-405-8115  to schedule your no-cost consultation.