Finding Your “Why You”

From opening a business, almost everyone should identify their why. Why do consumers want/need what I am selling or the service I am offering? That should be set in the baby steps of your business plan. That is why you started this business right? Because someone either needs or wants what you have.

Once you move past that why, we dive into a deeper why, Why you? With very few original ideas, there is bound to be business competition. With that in mind, why should consumers pick you over others? This is the important “Why” that takes your business to the top. It is essential to identify that “Why” and then market it. Finding this “Why you?” will transform all marketing efforts and grow your business.

We can help you find your “Why you?”  With 3 simple questions.

  1. Do I have any of the 4 SEEN strong sellers – Sale, Emotions, Entertainment/education, Need
  2. What sets me apart from other competitors?
  3. How can I show people what makes us different?

Every time any decision is made in regards to marketing, that could be your logo, letterheads, social media, or anything that puts your brand out there, every time you should evaluate the project with SEEN to ensure you will be seen! Whatever the thing might be, it should align with at least one of the “pu.”s”. These pulls have psychological connections to purchasing decisions and should present to ensure your business outplays competitors and here is why…

S- Sale

Everyone loves a good sale. If people think they have an opportunity to save money, a majority will jump at the chance. Money provides many people with joy, and the option to take the saved money and spend it on something they might love causes them to connect your product or service to something they absolutely love, even if you are simply a plumber. If someone is shopping around for a plumber because they NEED a plumber, they are not too happy about the situation. As an example, let’s say a majority of plumbers are charging $100 for this specific service. If the consumer sees a plumber offering the same service for $75, the consumer now has $25 to buy that new dress they wanted. They have now connected something they love and are so excited about, to a plumbing service that is required because you simply had a sale.

Sales can also be used to trick people into buying something for the fear of missing out on the sale. Say a business owner raises the price of their candles by 20%. Then they turn around and say there is a flash sale, everything is 20% off. Now consumers think if they do not buy this right now, they will be missing out on something else they want because they missed the sale and they can’t wait because the sale might end and they then might need a candle.

Sales connect to people on both the emotional side and the logical side because saving money is a logical positive thought/thing and getting to spend that saved money on something they want is an emotional thing.

E- Emotions

Emotions is vital in marketing. People act based on feelings a majority of the time. They want to feel connected to you and your business/service. This tactic is very important when presenting your company on social media. Social Media’s intended purpose was to connect with people and get all the juicy gossip on their life. People want to feel connected to you and your business for them to give you their business even if that is the fact that your employee went to a rotary event that their mother-in-law’s, bff used to be in. Or even if you have a staff member from the same state as a consumer. People live to be connected and that plays a huge role in where they decide to give their business.

People also love happy and positive things like dogs, babies, charitable donations, and involvement. Anything that evokes positive emotions. These make consumers feel closer to your business and want to support good people.


People are willing to spend money on entertainment and education but you still have to compete with other entertainment and educational things, the best way to win in this is by being the best, the funniest, the most incredible place, and having the highest credentials. If you don’t, make it seem like you do. Rave about every little thing even if it’s not that big of a deal because a lot of the time they don’t know it’s not. Bragging about yourself can be challenging but it is necessary even if it’s an award from your 3rd-grade class. People will compare credentials and will pick accordingly and many companies lose out, not because they are not the best but because they didn’t make it known that they are the best. Reviews are vital to being the best in entertainment and education and are great to use in promotions.


Need is the last one. Whether what you offer is actually necessary or not, you have to make people think they need what you have. Paint a lifestyle, telling them how their life will be so much better with what you have, and make them believe they need it and can’t live without it. Connect with this need on both an emotional level and a logical level. If you sell clothes paint a picture of how hot they will look in your clothes but also tell them that you need clothes anyway so why not just get theirs?

After you find out where you can pull on the heartstrings and be SEEN you might identify what sets you apart from others. Are any of these aspects unique in your industry? If there are some, use them! Sometimes there are not any that jump out and you have to create them. You might have to rebrand yourself as the neighborhood electrician and use your funny jokes and caring handwritten cards to gain some pull.

Once you identify or create your pull, USE it! Scream it from the rooftop and make it known. This will outperform your standard ad that strictly promotes what you offer and nothing more. Gain some pull and start pulling.

Now you must identify how you can show people what makes you different. Change your slogan, send out handwritten cards, put your awards in your email signature, ask people to leave a review, raise your prices and make a sale! If you are struggling with this part, hire a marketing company like TLC and we can help you!