Top 5 Ways to Reach Your Customers While Working From Home

At TLC Marketing and Creative Services, we know in these trying times, it can be difficult working from home. (We know as we have done both.) But given the times we are in, here are a few tips you can do to help you get through this setback.

While this situation may not ideal, it is a perfect opportunity to connect with your customers using several channels. TLC Marketing and Creative Services have several ways in which you can continue to reach your customers while working remotely from home. Let’s make this unique time positive by communicating with your customers from afar.

  1. Schedule: Make sure you wake up at the same time you would as if you were going to the office. This also means making sure you dress as if you are at the office. It can easy to stay in your PJ’s, but that does not help you with your mindset. Plus, you never know who may ring the doorbell or might call/email you. Being prepared in your “home “office sets the tone for your day as you would if you were in your actual office.
  2. Human (Customer) Connection: Human connection is very important. Everyone likes to hear a friendly voice. Call your clients/customers to find out how you can help them. Offer an ear and let them know you understand what they are going through, let them know they are not alone and that we are all in this together. Send hand-written thank you notes, or thinking of you notes, emails, or texts expressing how you appreciate their support over the years, and that you’re looking forward to seeing them. Also, don’t forget your employees; they need to be reassured that everything is going to be ok. Working remotely can be stressful, make sure to ask them if they need anything.
  3. Social Media: Social media is a tool that in this day and age is a necessity for almost every business. Whether you are a lawyer, doctor, restaurant, or retail store owner, social media can be used effectively and strategically to reach your customers on an ongoing basis. Social media is unique because it is one of the only channels of marketing that provide something called “two-way symmetrical communication”. This means not only do you get to share what you have in mind, but customers get to respond and share their feelings as well, which makes it a great tool to get feedback and engagement. While your brick and mortar locations may be closed temporarily and you are working remotely, use this time to continuously communicate with your audience.
  4. Blog Posts: Blog posts are a great opportunity for you to share some expertise on a topic with a little more detail than you might post on social media. Blog posts are great to publish on your website to help drive traffic and get people so see the other products and services you offer. Your blog posts are essentially articles that will highlight an area you focus on. So let’s say you own a yoga studio, although you can’t host any classes in your location, you can write a blog for your customers about stress-relieving yoga during this time, or ways they can practice yoga at home.
  5. Offering special deals or discounts: Get your customers excited by offering discounts and special deals. Maybe you own a restaurant and can offer free delivery or 10% off your purchase to stimulate sales. Give customers a reason to buy from you during this interesting time. Many restaurants are offering to go prepacked meals or free delivery and stores are offering online deals, which is the right idea. Do what aligns with your business.

While these tactics are useful during our quarantine, they should be used every day for all business owners. All of the tactics provide value to your customer base, which is what consumers are searching for. All these channels integrate together to spread brand awareness and to provide value to consumers. While these are interesting and frustrating times, as business owners, we must look for the opportunity in every situation. The circumstances of working remotely may not be ideal but use this downtime effectively to help grow your business and connect with your customers.