3 Goals Bonita Springs Businesses Can Accomplish in 2023

2022 is just days away from ending. Can you believe it? We hardly can! 

With 2023 on the horizon, it’s expected to begin thinking about new goals to set out and accomplish for the brand new year. What can we do to grow and improve? It’s one thing to consider on an individual basis, but it is just as important to strategize for a business as a whole. Creating objectives to achieve and find success creates drive and motivation. 

There are tons of ideas to consider, and it can quickly become overwhelming on narrowing down what you should focus your brand on. Fortunately for you, we have three solid goals to offer Bonita Springs businesses to start things off with to ensure your next year is automatically better than the one before. Which one will be your focus? Hint: we suggest all three!

Ensure Your Website Is Up to Date

A lot has undoubtedly happened to your business over the past year. Maybe people have joined and/or left your team. You could have changed locations – maybe even added a new building altogether! Services could need to be updated to reflect changes to pricing; after all, inflation is very much a thing, and you must remain competitive with your market to remain successful. Or maybe now is the best time to get started on that blog section you have been thinking about all 2022.

The beginning of the year couldn’t be a better time to make a list of everything needing changing. You can consider how great of a “refresh” you might be looking for early on. Be considerate and careful as you review your website from the beginning to the end. Would small updates to individual pages be enough to ensure you are accurate? The last thing you want is to have a potential client asking if something on a page is correct only for you to say it is outdated. 

Our suggestion is to schedule a quarterly review of your website. If you have nothing to change, the review can zip by quickly and if you do? You can start formulating a game plan.

If you have the aspirations, time and potential budget to do so, we’d strongly recommend updating your website from the ground-up. Website design goes through trends just like any other type of visual component of your business. Even an uneducated audience can spot the difference between a site that is ten years older than it should be and a brand new one. 

Even us here at TLC have gone through a new website in the past year! Modernizing your look and rolling it in with new updates can really rejuvenate AND motivate your entire business. What’s even nicer is that it can really help with the next goal, which is…

Be More Active on Social Media

Have you noticed your activity on social media has begun to wind down as the year went on? If so, you aren’t alone. It’s incredibly common for managing your business’s social media to fall on the wayside as other responsibilities and obstacles begin piling up on top of your company’s shoulders. Short of hiring a coordinator to manage and handle your accounts in your place, it’s often one of the first things on the chopping block when business starts getting busier and more stressful.

It cannot be understated just how important social media is to the success of your business. Setting a goal to be more active is one thing, but to double down and grow said social media is even more beneficial. Come up with strategies on the content you might want to post on your Facebook or Instagram. Consider jumping into the algorithms that make TikTok so wildly successful for small businesses as of late. Bonita Springs in particular is always hungry to know more about the trendy restaurants and local gems that they could have been missing until they fell upon your content.

You don’t have to go wild or start being insanely active, but little steps can help make your page garner more attention.

Whatever you have to do, commit to creating a visible presence where others can follow along your brand’s journey throughout 2023. And remember what we said about hiring a coordinator? Never think that as selling yourself short or cutting corners. If you or a team member can’t commit to making great social media content, hire professionals who make careers out of integrating themselves into your brand. Trust us, we know a thing or two about that.

Chisel Time Out to Better Your Business

A problem you can create for yourself is learning to settle. It’s easy to do so, particularly when you have just gotten out of a rough patch and found yourself with some breathing room for a change. Skating by 2023 doing the same thing you did in 2022 might have its appeal for some, especially if you’re just barely hanging on with keeping your business afloat. We strongly advise you to use the new year to change things up.

How do you do that, exactly? It’s not as difficult as it sounds, though it will be different for every individual and every business. It always begins with setting aside time to strategize and develop ways to further improve and grow your brand. We’re not talking just sitting down with your team to go over statistics from the previous month or year. That has its own merits, but what is REALLY important is buckling down and workshopping ideas. 

Try new things. Be bold and brave. That is what makes audiences pay a little more attention to your goods or service! What doesn’t work can be shelved for future use or replaced by other ideas. Trends change and develop over time in every field, and while following said trends can look appealing, you can find yourself leading the next trend yourself. Imagine what kind of success you can find in 2023 by growing creative and coming up with new ways of presenting your business and brand. 

If you’re a Bonita Springs business looking to make 2023 your year, remember that you can rely on someone like TLC to help create those bold, new ideas you’re looking for but can’t quite come up with on your own. Contact us so we can sit down with you early next year! Let’s make your dreams come true.